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2-24-20> GRNF Non-Binding Letters of Intent

400 accounts in 8 states for cannabis banking

1st Twitter feed on July 2

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NBC affiliate interview on FL. MJ banking

This website is dedicated to the many followers on the Stock Forum : InvestorHub/Facebook DCGD- Discovery Gold reverse merger shell into GRN Holding Corporation. From Day 1 , July 2, 2019, this stock ticker has remained on the Top 4 on Most Read-Most Posted sites on I-Hub (60,000 as of Day 31: Nov. 12-2019).. Many investors that started on this ticker from 0.003 on July 1. Countless hours have been documented with thousands of postings/research on what will merge into this clean shell purchased by GRN Funds LLC) with an announced ticker symbol change via GRN Holding Corp. change of registration to GRNF on 11-5.. On a more personal note, I was involved with one the 1st Internet stock forums , Prodigy's Money Talk back in 1992. I had the privilege of bantering stock picks of my own with the likes of Motley Fool's Tom and David Gardner before they formed their successful venture in 1993. No graphics, 14.4 K modem dial-up with no charts or sound. Just our investing strategies/research with a new audience, the World Wide Web as we called it.. My personal online business was featured in the Wall Street Journal in 1999/Newsweek 2000./USA TODAY 2008. To all my friends that have dedicated their time and efforts, I applaud you. (Analyze the Risks vs Rewards..JUDGE YOUR OWN DD ON ANY OTC STOCK).. In the meantime, follow GRNF on Facebook VIP-Empire/Twitter and this website FAQ's...As of April 17, 2020 , we progress to a court hearing that could move this to another direction..I'll keep it online till glory or up in flames.. For good or bad>>> .... As they say ' Follow the money' .... Thankfully yours, Brooklyn1955/Jackie Robinson
Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkins

Corporate Member : GRN Holding Corp
Providing professional services to Cash Intensive and Vertical Industries. Program development for capital management accounts and clients.

Official Site !

Alka Badshah
Alka Badshah

VP:Mergers/Acquisitions, GRN Holding Corp. Ms. Badshah brings 27 years of expertise in managing/ programming entities. Founder of A-Cubed in addition to former program manager with Microsoft. MIT student thesis:GRID

Link> A.Badshah
Patrick Wlaznak
Patrick Wlaznak

President, GRN Holding Corp. Mr. Wlaznak is also founder of Soulshine Cannabis and Incorporator of WA for Profit Corp, Soulshine Development . In a Feb. 2019 article, P. Wlanak noted "Incorporating automation in the operations of a business in an emerging industry is key to success".

Linkedin: P. Wlaznak
Cannabis technology.
Justin Costello-CEO
Justin Costello

CEO, GRN Holding Corp
Mr. Costello is the CEO and Chairman of GRN Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: GRNF) and the CEO of Pacific Merchant Processing, Inc., a firm that handles financial transactions for high-risk industries. Mr. Costello also serves as a council member for the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) in its industrial and trade division
Linkedin: Justin Costello
Chris Irish
Chris Irish

Controller -GRN Holding Corp. Mr. Irish is a senior business leader with 16 years of experience in all facets of accounting, financial analysis and controllership..Previous work was with Cobalt Mortgage Inc.as Senior Financial Analyst in the State of Washington.

Linkedin: Chris Irish
Nancy Norton
Nancy Norton

Chief Legal Officer-GRN Holding Corp. Ms. Norton brings in 20 years exp. specializing in international law.

Tad Mailander
Legal Counsel
Linkedin: N.Norton
Tad Mailander
Kyle Hockenstein
Kyle Hockenstein

Vice-President of Operations -GRN Holding Corp. Mr. Hockenstein founded and operated multiple recreational cannabis and hemp companies.

Shawn Burns
Marketing Manager
Linkedin: Shawn Burns

GRN Holding Corporation has added 9 National leaders in their respected fields for insights and experience to GRNF's Strategic Advisory Board
A. Freeman
Aaron Freeman

1. Freeman News

G Jage
George Jage

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J. Sharkey
Jeffrey Sharkey

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V. Christophersen
Vickie Christophersen

1. Christophersen News

2. Bio:V. Christophersen
B. Asabere
Baffour Asabere

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2. B. Asabere
A. Pelley
Aaron Pelley

1. Pelley News
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P. Juvet
Pete Juvet

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M. Kelley
Michael Kelley

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J. Tinsley
Jay Tinsley

1. Tinsley News

Graphs and Charts for Reverse Merger timelines analysis for past history with diversification entities per GRN FUNDS/ other LLC associations/management
InvestorHub chronicled DD postings on significant finds/posts by followers on DCGD
3-31-2019 Discovery Gold Corp (DCGD) 3-31-2019 FORM 10Q 3rd Qtr ending 1-31-2019
>6-18-2019 ABBAZABA: Go DCGD. All good things come to this who wait or so I have been told ;)
>6-18-2019 FATFATCAT: Some volume today out of the blue. Nothing going on that I can find.
7-1-2019 Discovery Gold Corp (DCGD) 7-1-2019 FORM 8-K
>7-1-2019 First 30 days prior to JULY 2 run-up from 0.002 on July1, 2019
>7-1-2019 E-ORE- "8k filed after hours - change of control."
7-2-2019 Discovery Gold Corp (DCGD) 7-2-2019 FORM 3
>7-2-2019 On July 2 when the bell started. Grounds Zero on DAY 1
>7-3-2019 Say Yes to Florida Marijuana Banking needs in 2018- GRN Funds LLC PMS
>7-4-2019 Florida Governor signs Hemp Bill June 25, 2019
>7-4-2019 Florida Hemp; Justin Costello VP with Jeffrey Sharkey
>7-5-2019 Motley Fool's Tom Gardner: Relies more on who is running business than earnings.
>7-6-2019 Reverse merger value 10x when going public vs. private entity
>7-6-2019 Name change on registrant on SOS Grn Funds LLC in Oregon in 2018
>7-7-2019 The reason/ 1st $400,000 contract and symbol change to propel NUGS to $7.00
>7-7-2019 MAKATIBUGATTI: Convert your Washington LLC to WA corp. via statutory merger
>7-7-2019 Washington SOS statutory merger law enacted in 2014
>7-8-2019 Articles of Incorporation GRN Holdings Corp- UPDATED on 5-26
>7-8-2019 Chenteddybear: Some Education on GOING PUBLIC: STEP-BY-STEP
>7-8-2019 The date on the Articles of Incorporation GRN Holdings was updated on May 26
>7-8-2019 First escrow payment on contract $50,000 of $300,000 on May 24, 2019
>7-9-2019 THE RAINMAKER : " DCGD the next Tilray/Cronos: Why I am a buyer of DCGD "
>7-10-2019 Florida News vertical intergration July 10, 2019. Jeffrey Sharkey comments.
>7-12-2019 DINOREEVES :"I know exactly how hedge funds operate"
>7-13-2019 Cronis started by 31 YR old Hedge fund manager in 2017 as an OTC (PRMCF)
>7-13-2019 MCTC Holdings (MCTC) adds JCostello as Strategic Board Advisor
>7-14-2019 Soulshine Development: delinquent SOS WA site updated same day as 5-24 8K
>7-14-2019 Cronus Group ( CRON) vs DCGS SS comparison in relation to outstanding/float.
>7-14-2019 CRON:going from OTCBB 2017 to Nasdaq 2018 $25 on earnings?
>7-15-2019 Soulshine Cannabis Automation machines news article to save $400,000 annually.-
>7-16-2019 THE RAINMAKER: "New domains...just registered last week. grnholdings.com "
>7-18-2019 COMPUTERBUX: DCGC is now a 5-B Dollar reverse merger and here is why"
>7-19-2019 ZARDIW: "#DDAmanda Chart on: $DCGD DCGD #DCGD :" Love charts/data
>7-20-2019 THE RAINMAKER: NVSOS is finally working. Officers updated....moving this forward
7-22-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (DCGD) 7-22-2019 FORM 8-K
>7-22-2019 BEAMMEUPSCOTTY: 8K Filed! Company is Changing It’s Name to GRN Holdings!
>7-23-2019 BUYLOWNOW7: Florida NBC affiliate segment on GRN Funds offering PMP banking.
>7-23-2019 Approval of 1st HEMP planting permit in FL. + Sunshine Hemp.
>7-24-2019 Understanding Payment Processing in the cannabis industry
>7-25-2019 RULE 144's stock/ 12 month lockup of director shares after shell merger
7-30-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (DCGD) 7-30 FORM NT-10K
>8-1-2019 PENNYLANDSPIRIT: Hall of Fame Shell and Reverge Meeger Runs
>8-6-2019 GRN Holding Corp updates SOS/WA agent Why? > Washington Holding Companies
>8-8-2019 Why list on OTCBB? if the financials are there- Why not go directly to NASDAQ.
>8-10-2019 WINNAAR123: Share Structure unchanged since the start July 2 through August 7
>8-11-2019 7 Charts That Should Concern Marijuana Stock Investors vs Hemp investors
>8-14-2019 GRN Holding Corp. (DCGD) 8-14 FORM Annual 10-K ending 04-30-2019
>8-17-2019 5 Must-Know Tips for Selecting a Cannabis Payment Processing Solution 2019
>8-17-2019 BEAMMEUPSCOTTY: An investor's thoughts on the Shareholder letter from CEO
>8-20-2019 SOOS416: Name Change Official on Nevada Site
>8-21-2019 JEFF SHARKEY: FLORIDA Hemp industry could be 5 Billion 2020 projection
>8-22-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (DCGD) 8-22-2019 FORM 8-K/A
>8-23-2019 KUSKUK: Nevada SOS Business license change to GRN Holding Corporation
>8-24-2019 RMR to offer Soulshine CBD and Seed Science CBD through webportal via USPS
>8-26-2019 Channel 4JAX interviews Jeff Sharkey In Florida legislation 6B dollar industry
>8-27-2019 GRN Holding Corp. Cease and Desist letter to White Diamond Research/Adam Gefvert on August 16 on this 8-12 Seeking Alpha article
>8-29-2019 Justin Costello and Mike Kelley ready to lobby State of Florida and Photo of Jeff Sharkey stopping by GRN Holding Corp for a visit
>8-31-2019 MAKATIBUGATTI : CUSIP/Symbol change timetable discussed at discretion of all parties by filing date guidelines on Sept 4-12
ATEXANGUY: Justin Costello and Dr. Jeff Sharkey speak at the 2019 Florida Medical Marijuana Policy Conference
>9-5-2019 CANNATRAC® Announces Agreement with Pacific Banking Corp to Offer a Universal Application for CannaCard® Digital Payments
>9-11-2019 Grapefruit (IGNG) adds Justin Costello as Primary Strategic Advisor
>9-15-2019 7-1-2019 8K Distribution Breakdown on $300,000 payment to past shareholders in escrow payment for purchase controlling interest in DCGD
>9-21-2019 Review of 217 reverse mergers completed between January 2015 and December 2018 (the Reviewed Transactions) for which a Super 8-K was involved
>9-23-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (DCGD) 9-23-2019 FORM 10Q 1st Qtr ending 7-31-2019
>9-25-2019 GRN Funds LLC and Fincann agreement on 51/49 joint venture
>9-25-2019 Justin Costello response to question> MJ company’s will be able to use (Wells Fargo, BBnT, etc.)
>9-27-2019 SOOS416: Convert to a corporation without creating a new corporate entity first.
>9-29-2019 GRN Holding Corporation application for Chief Marketing Officer.
>9-30-2019 GRN FUNDS LLC (CALIFORNIA)-- formed via Grapefruit-IGNG venture.
>10-2-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (DCGD) 10-2-2019 FORM 8-K/A
>10-6-2019: NYSE visit confirmation photo-opt of New York City travel visit week of October 7
>10-16-2019 Justin Costello registers GREENLEAF-HR LLC on October 10
>10-18-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (DCGD) 10-18-2019 FORM 8-K
>10-24-2019 FINRA approves a corporate action. How long it takes for an application to be approved:
>10-30-2019 FinCann: GrnFunds LLC venture voluntary dissolution of FinCann Merchant Services LLC
>11-5-2019 GRN Holding Corporation Announces Ticker Symbol Change to "GRNF"
>11-5-2019 GRN Holding Corp. (GRNF) 11-5-2019 8-K Symbol change
>11-10-2019 E-ORE--"The whole run there has been speculation. Waiting to see what they come up"
>11-12-2019 GRN Holding Corp. (GRNF) signs non-binding 11 non-binding LOI's
>11-15-2019 Revocation of Dissolution of Fincann Merchant Services LLC by Justin Costello on 11-15-2019
>11-26-2019 PHASE 3: Closing the Reverse Merger : SUPER 8-K Preparation and Timeline
>12-2-2019 SoulShine Cannabis: From a defunct skating park to a 30,000 square foot Cannabis canopy
>12-5-2019 SOS.WA.GOV site updated on 12-4-2019 for GRN Holding Corp address change
>12-6-2019 GRN Holding Inc. and Soulshine Development have new registered agents and why!
>12-6-2019 Moving to new Suite 2300 address> Cann Dist., Management 360, National PEO
>12-10-2019 CANNATRAC Ecosystem Filling Gaping Void in Cannabis Industry with PBC
>12-13-2019 GRN Holding Corp. (GRNF) signs non-binding LOI with Squad Drone
>12-14-2019 Outside view of operations center of Soulshine Cannabis in Renton, Wa.
>12-20-2019 GRN Funds LLC's "SEED SCIENCE CBD" voted TOP 10 by Buzzfeed in 2018 and News
>12-23-2019 GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF) 12-23-2019 FORM 10Q 2Qtr ending 10-31-2019
>12-27-2019 CANNASEUR'S CHOICE ( entity of Soulshine Cannabis under Soulshine Development Group) governed by Patrick Wlaznak and i502 Marijuana sales data
>12-29-2019 Cann Distributors/DSWC, Inc(Davis Street Wellness Center) tied to California's NUG, Inc. via this Nov 21 article to Pacific Banking Corp
>1-8-2020 Magic Beans Hemp LLC. 1 of the LOI's incorporated April 17, 2019, WHOIS registered website May 23, 2019.(1 day before 1st escrow for DCGD on May 24
>1-9-2020 GRN FUNDS LLC 's Cannabis delivery drones could be in Seattle skies by March
>1-15-2020 GBI/IGNG- Grapefruit signs LOI with Seattle, Washington based Pacific Banking Corporation for Southern California services.
>2-7-2020 GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF) Submits OTCQB Application
>2-24-2020 GRN Holding Corp. (GRNF) Completes Due Diligence relating to last of 11 LOI's . Pacific Bank Corporation
>3-16-2020 GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF) 3-16-2020 FORM 10Q 3Qtr ending 1-31-2020
>3-29-2020 GRNF:2 months early on the annual filing 3-16... OTCQB certification date 3-16 as well Hmmm! + 10Q 3rd
>4-1-2020 GRN Holding Corp >OTC markets shows OTCQB certification disclosures on 4-1 updated
>4-5-2020 Pacific Banking Corporation changes WHOIS registrant on 3-22 to non-private email owner and registrant JC /Hawkins@ grnfunds.com E-mail
>4-17-2020 CCSCS/Cann vs GrnFunds/PBC court filing date on 4-22-2020 for telephonic hearing via Judge James Donato
>4-20-2020 GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF) Reports the Withdrawal of OTCQB Application
grnfaq.com : website developed for DD by (Jackie Robinson/Facebook--Brooklyn1955-IHUB) that is publically published and is independent of GRN Holding Corp, No compensation or financial payments have been received for this data presentation.